Personal Statement

I use photography to explore places that are important to me. 
I'm interested in the places that I visit and inhabit now, and in revisiting significant 'landscapes' from my past. 

My intention is to create simple collections of photographs that elucidate my feelings about a place or time in my life.

I'm currently working on a project that systematically looks at a large urban sprawl with the intention of creating sets of photographs that offer a way of making the complexity of the city more understandable.

I also enjoy creating traditional black and white photographs - my own personal art therapy - purely for the sake of creating a beautiful print.

I was awarded a BSc in Photographic Sciences from The Polytechnic of Central London in 1986

Studio: I work on a wide range of projects for commercial organisations - on location and at my studio (situated mid-way between London and Brighton). See: 

Flickr: I put some images in this Flickr account.

Tel: 07703 126365
Trevor Smeaton 2013
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